Thursday, June 20, 2013

It seems like forever!! Major sidetrack!!

It seems like forever since I blogged! Actually, somewhere down the path I was taking I lost my motivation and inspiration! Without saying too much right now I sidetracked so much that my life right now is about to take a very different path. There is a saying that goes that hindsight is 20/20. I guess I do not have good hindsight and my vision was certainly not 20/20! I refuse to give up even though I created the chaos in my life right now!
I know that life cannot be all bad and things do change and get better just like the seasons. 2013 started out very rough in ways that I never imagined or dreamed it would be and it is mid year and I have nothing to show so far. As much as I sometimes want to just lay down and die, something inside me just keeps pushing me to get up and keep trying. I am pushed to seek a better life, pushed to never quit, push to trust God in all I do but must importantly pushed to let go and let God. I will get my motivation and find new inspirations. When life gives you lemons Darn it!!! make some gosh darn lemonades!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and Love
# RockSteady!!!!


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