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Friday, December 8, 2017

Against All Odds!

Against all odds!! That is the statement that comes to my head when I think about my friend Ms. Kincie Farnell. All roads have led to her latest accomplishment. She can now add “AUTHOR” to her name. She is a born fighter, she had never been the one to give up so easily. I blogged about her before and she continues to amaze me. She pushes me to go after my dreams and goals. Not only is she an Author, Therapist, amazing Mother and Friend, she is also the owner of a wonderful clothing line called Stage Recovery. She uses her inspirations to help others overcome addictions.

God places certain people in your life for a season or lifetime. I am glad God put her in my life for a lifetime. Through all the seasons’ changing, through all the pain and heartaches, disappointments and struggles she stood firm. Now it is time for her to shine! Time for the world to know what I already know about this amazing and talented woman! 

This phrase keeps playing in my head as I am writing. “Young, Gifted and Black”! Take it as you may but that is what she is to me!! I cannot wait to read her book it is going to be a bestseller! (I said that last statement with my Oprah voice) lol

Below is the blog post I wrote about my wonderful friend!!↓↓↓

This life is so hard sometimes, and we are constantly working hard to reach our goals. There are certain people that we meet along the way that provide us with motivation to keep going. That person for me lately is Kincie Farnell.

I met Kincie over 10 years ago in college. We became instead friends, and those that know me from back then know that I do not make friend easily. LOL. She always had a way of making me laugh, she could walk across campus singing and being silly. She helped bring me out of my shell. I watched her go through so much in school with the music program, but through it all she was always optimistic. I remember one summer when we were working at Barry university. I would go with her while she practiced her vocals at the chapel. 

God blessed her with such and amazing voice that I would lay on the pews, listening to her sing and tears would just stream down my face. She never knew that, but her voice use to move me to tears! 
  She has always been a strong woman from our college years. She never let all the circumstances she faced derailed her from her dreams! I have watched her accomplish her dreams while raising her son. I am sure it has not always been easy for her but she did not quit.

For all you have done and continue to do, Kincie Farnell, I celebrate you today. You are my #MondayMotivation. You inspire me to keep working hard to realize my dreams. You are the perfect example of not letting the weight of the world get you down. You are an example of setting goals and taking steps to meeting those goals. 

Thank you, friend,! You never know whose life you are touching while you are doing what you were destined to do.

Everybody needs motivation! Who or what is your motivation?

Peace and Love, Rock steady!

Mighty Casey! Tennis next superstar!

Sample of her New clothing Line "Stage Recovery"

Click the links to visit and support her work! Stage recovery

Friday, July 15, 2016


We receive messages on a daily basis from the media on how we should look, from how to dress, do our hair and how to belong to the in crowd. We are taunted on television with the latest fashion. What is in for the season and what kind of makeup would give us the best look. Mind you I am not opposed to those messages that are being sent but I am conscious of how those messages can affect my self- esteem and self- worth. If I am not able to wear the latest fashion, or wear my hair in the latest styles I might shy away from going out because I do not feel like I am dress up to par. I might feel like my stomach is too big or that a certain part of my body is not attractive enough. But let me ask this question, who created you in the first place? Aren’t you created in the image of God? God created you then he stood back and admired his work. The bible says in Psalms 139 verse 13 and 14, For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Heaven for a MUSICIAN.

     My two-year-old loves music so much. If I sit him in front of a piano, he will sit there forever. As a parent it is my job to nurture is desires, and I feel like he could become a MUSICIAN. Lately I have been looking for a website that I can buy musical instrument and different equipments.  I can now sit at home and shop at www.Musician's Friend.com to find all the equipment including headphones that he will need. I do not think I am ready to hear him banging on the keyboard.LOL

Monday, February 8, 2016

SUICIDE HAS NO RESPECT OF PERSON: BMX legend Dave Mirra commits suicide at age 41


David Michael "Dave" Mirra was an American BMX rider who later competed at rallycross racing. He held the record for most X Games medals until being passed by Bob Burnquist in 2013. 

On Thursday February 4th, Dave took his own life by shooting himself in the head in an SUV while parked outside the home of his best friend, Scott Ashton in Greenville, North Carolina. This was just within days of his 10th wedding anniversary. He was just 41 years old. He left behind a wife and two daughters.

Dave Mirra had a rough time finding purpose when his BMX career ended ... he tried filling the void by helping kids ... but it wasn't enough. 
Friends of Dave tell us ... in the months before his suicide, he spent his time introducing kids in the Greenville, North Carolina area to extreme sports, such as speed cycling and biking. 

Problem was ... the 41-year-old couldn't find anything in his life to even approximate the adrenaline rush he got from BMX. He knew working with kids was important, but the passion he felt while he competed just wasn't there, and it became a significant factor in his deep depression

We're told Dave tried to convince himself working with kids could be as satisfying as BMX, and from time to time his outlook would brighten. In fact, we're told just hours before he fatally shot himself, he saw someone at lunch and talked about plans to bring a speed cycling track to Greenville.

The friend with whom we spoke said the recurring theme from Dave was that he felt lost. 


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